SMART Exemplary Educator Application

The CATC (Computers Across the Curruculum) Committee at my school has decided to apply for the SMART Showcase School designation. This application process requires a large variety of criteria to be met, one of which is to have a SMART Exemplary Educator on staff. Since we currently don’t have any staff member in that position, I decided to pull something together in time for the quickly approaching deadline. With just two days to plan, prepare, organize, record, and upload my video, this is the final product of my video submission that is the main part of the application process. The perfectionist in me wants to edit this like crazy but with limited time, it is what it is! Wish me luck!

SMART Exemplary Educator

Wikify Me

This evening I had the opportunity to instruct my first IT workshop for the WRDSB with Mary Sue Meredith (@marysueme on twitter) on Collaborative Projects with Wikis. What a great way to spread the wiki love that has been growing with each and every one I’ve been involved in this year. I find this fascinating as I have only been using wikis with students for 6 months. It’s grown from being a showcase or online classroom portfolio to collaboration between local classrooms and now with projects around the globe. It was very interesting to present with Mary Sue. We did all of our planning online using Google docs, email, and Skype. Another first for me. We designed our session as a show and tell, with time built in to create and work on participant’s wikis. For a Thursday after school session just before March Break, I was impressed to even have an audience! With such a small, intimate crowd I am so glad we had that time at the end to assist with their wiki site development. I am firm believer that if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. With the break approaching the usual busyness of the school year, it’s easy to move on and not incorporate this new learning into your practice, despite best intentions. I hope the participants felt this was beneficial as well.

When pulling together the resources for this session, I was a little amazed at all of the different uses and collaborators I’ve been involved in through wikis. I’ve used wikis strictly for my class to showcase work, I’ve created wikis for our class to share with other classes, and I’ve participated in global projects created by others. I’ve also been using wikis to collaborate professionally with other teachers, locally and provincially. Although a new wiki user, I am always blown away when I come across a new idea for using wikis for education. I can only imagine how my wiki love will grow over time!

Collaborative Projects with Wikis
Mary Sue Meredith & Kim Gill
WRDSB – March 10, 2011